With his extensive knowledge and expertise in civil engineering, Sheraz provides a wide range of legal services to clients in the construction and engineering industries, such as architects, contractors, engineers and developers. Sheraz offers a comprehensive contraction law practice with array of corporate and transactional support, advocacy and dispute resolution services.

As the global construction market grows rapidly, driven by increasing demand for infrastructure and real estate development in emerging economies, the need for legal services to assist with the unique challenges presented by complex large-scale infrastructure projects often involving multiple parties, languages, and legal systems has increased correspondingly.

Sheraz remains strenuously involved in various engineering procurement and construction contracts (EPC). He advises clients in respect of their specialised working and incidental matters including negligence and accident claims ranging from the effect on employer-employee relationship in hazardous working conditions, negotiating and formulating joint venture agreements and companies, handling of specific and technical engineering disputes to performance related matters.

Having worked on different kinds of infrastructure projects including energy and natural resources, transport, social infrastructure and development work, Sheraz provides his clients with practical solutions on all contentious and non-contentious matters surrounding an infrastructure project. Sheraz’s solutions-driven service, based on commercial acumen and technical experience, is focused on fulfilling clients’ goals, whether in acquiring project services (as a government client, a developer, investor, or funder) or supplying them (as a contractor, consultant, or facilities manager).


Why its a good idea to hire a construction lawyer for your project.

Construction laws and regulations vary widely from country to country, and international construction projects can be subject to the laws of multiple countries. Sheraz has extensive experience and resources to navigate these complexities and provide clients with the accurate, up-to-date information about the local laws and regulations that may affect their projects in different countries and can advise clients on how to comply with them.

International construction projects are often subject to international dispute resolution procedures such as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and this is becoming more common in global construction law practices.

Infrastructure development is one of the key drivers of the global construction market, particularly in emerging economies. Construction law firms with global practices are well-positioned to advise clients on the legal aspects of infrastructure projects, including contract negotiation, financing, and compliance with laws and regulations.



We tailor our services to your needs.

Construction contract review and drafting, subcontracts, and other agreements to ensure that they protect their clients' interests. Sheraz works with FIDIC, NEX, JCT, ICC and boutique contracts based on your needs and provides expert arbitration and dispute resolution services within the FICID framework.

Resolving disputes that arise during the course of construction projects, including disputes over contract terms, delays, and defects in workmanship. Sheraz has advised on several Dispute Appointment Boards, domestic and international arbitrations, expert determinations on technical issues in infrastructure projects.

Advise clients on the legal aspects of the bidding process and assist them in protesting the award of a contract to another party.

Assist clients in pursuing or defending against claims for breach of contract, delay damages, and other types of claims that may arise during a construction project.

Advise clients on compliance with laws and regulations related to construction, such as OSHA regulations, building codes, and environmental laws.

Advise clients on project financing and bond issues, and assist with the negotiation of loan and financing agreements.

Assist clients in the negotiation of surety bonds and advise them on the rights and obligations of bondholders and obligees in the event of bond claims.

Advise clients on insurance coverage for construction projects, including liability insurance, builder's risk insurance, and performance and payment bonds.

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