Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid Meets Law & Justice Commission's Secretary Ms Riffat Inam Butt


ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN - In a significant meeting that promises to shape the future of the legal landscape in Pakistan, Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid met with the Secretary of the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, Ms. Riffat Inam Butt. The meeting, held at the Commission's headquarters, was marked by a spirit of collaboration and a shared vision for enhancing the judicial system in the country.

Ms. Riffat Inam Butt is a distinguished figure in the legal community, currently serving as the Secretary of the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan. Her recent participation as a panelist in the judicial conference during the inauguration ceremony of CIArb, through the conference on Judicial Perspective on Domestic and International Arbitration, has been widely acclaimed. In addition to her role as a panelist, Secretary Butt was also the host for the judicial conference. Her leadership and insights were instrumental in the success of the event, drawing praise from legal experts and practitioners alike.

During the meeting, Mian Sheraz expressed his gratitude to Secretary for her exceptional hosting of the judicial conference. In a gesture of mutual respect and collaboration, she invited Mian Sheraz to be a panelist or speaker for an upcoming judicial conference.

The meeting was not just a formal exchange of pleasantries but a brainstorming session where both leaders sketched the contents for the future judicial conference. They discussed various aspects, including how to develop the conference, which speakers to invite, and the possibility of inviting international speakers.

A significant part of the discussion revolved around access to justice, the backlog of cases, and the proposals given by the Law and Justice Commission. Both leaders emphasized the need for new legislations and reforms that would streamline the legal process and make justice more accessible to the common citizen. The meeting also saw discussions about proposals for an Arbitration Act and other new legislations that could modernize the legal framework in Pakistan.

The meeting between Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid and Secretary Ms. Riffat Inam Butt is a promising step towards a more robust and efficient legal system in Pakistan. Their shared vision and commitment to reform reflect a determination to bring positive change to the judiciary. As the details of the upcoming judicial conference unfold, the legal community and the nation at large await with anticipation the impact of their collaborative efforts.

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