Mian Sheraz Javaid Explores ADR Collaboration with Umar Azmeh of Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QIFCDRC), Facilitated by President Rt. Hon. The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd


QATAR - Mian Sheraz Javaid met with Umar Azmeh, a representative from the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QIFCDRC). The meeting was not just a casual interaction but a vibrant exchange of ideas and visions for the future of ADR in their respective countries and beyond.

The meeting was facilitated by none other than the Rt. Hon. The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, President of QIFCDRC. His presence underscored the importance of the dialogue, as both parties discussed the possibilities of promoting ADR jointly. The facilitation by such an esteemed figure indicates the high level of commitment and seriousness attached to this endeavor.

QIFCDRC is not just another court; it is an institution that envisions upholding the rule of law and global best practices. Specialized in the resolution of civil and commercial disputes, it aims to be a leading International Court for Qatar and the surrounding regions. The Centre is committed to delivering justice that is not only fair but also cost-effective and efficient.

The belief is strong that QIFCDRC holds the potential to emerge as an epi-center for dispute resolution. Through its aim of fair, cost-effective, and efficient delivery of justice, it is poised to become a world-class international court. The systems and practices in place at QIFCDRC are a testament to its capability to achieve this vision.

Pakistan stands to learn greatly from institutions such as QIFCDRC, particularly in terms of case management and hearing systems. The efficiency and effectiveness demonstrated by QIFCDRC can serve as a model for enhancing the ADR landscape in Pakistan, thereby contributing to a more robust judicial system.

Both parties expressed a strong desire to forge collaborations in the future to achieve mutual objectives. The focus is not just on enhancing ADR in their respective countries but also in the broader regions of South Asia and the Middle East. The spirit of collaboration was palpable, and the intent was clear: to work together for the greater good.

The meeting was underlined with the utmost spirit of collaboration to advance ADR and global best practices. One of the key aspects discussed was the pairing of dispute resolution training with the existing systems, thereby creating a holistic approach to ADR.

Mian Sheraz Javaid’s efforts in communicating and collaborating with international ADR centers like QIFCDRC are noteworthy. His proactive approach aims to unite different ADR practices for the advancement of global best practices. It’s not just about learning; it’s about contributing to a global dialogue on effective dispute resolution.

The dedication of both Mian Sheraz Javaid and Umar Azmeh to advancing ADR is commendable. Their expertise and vision will undoubtedly continue to drive positive change within their countries and potentially set a precedent for international collaboration in the field of ADR.

The meeting between Mian Sheraz Javaid and Umar Azmeh, facilitated by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more effective and collaborative approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution both regionally and globally.

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