Mian Sheraz Javaid meets Mohamed Ghofrane Gouja, Managing Director of Parley Parsons, in Doha: Discussing Collaborative Goals and PIDW Participation


DOHA - QATAR: Mian Sheraz Javaid met with Mohamed Ghofrane Gouja MRICS - FQSI - MCIOB - MSc CM - MBA - PMP, the Managing Director of Parley Parsons, in Doha. The meeting was a pivotal moment in fostering international relations and collaborative efforts between Qatar and Pakistan.

Parley Parsons is a renowned name in the field of global arbitration. With its headquarters in London, the firm specializes in providing arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution services. Their reputation for impartiality and effectiveness has made them a go-to choice for multinational corporations, governments, and international organizations. Their importance in the field of global arbitration cannot be overstated, as they have been instrumental in resolving high-stakes disputes that have global implications.

The core objective of the meeting between Mian Sheraz Javaid and Mohamed Ghofrane Gouja was to explore avenues for achieving mutual goals for Qatar and Pakistan. Both nations have shown a keen interest in strengthening their bilateral relations, particularly in the areas of trade, technology, and dispute resolution. This meeting served as a platform to discuss these objectives in detail.

During the meeting, Mian Sheraz extended an invitation to Parley Parsons to participate in the annual Pakistan International Disputes Weekend (PIDW) in 2024. PIDW is a premier conference in South Asia that aims to review, reflect, and revive the global dispute resolution terrain. The invitation underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in enhancing the dispute resolution mechanisms in both countries.

Both parties expressed a strong desire to work together to ascertain common goals for Qatar and Pakistan. This shared dedication to the power of collaboration served as the catalyst for a highly engaging and productive discussion. They explored a multitude of exciting prospects for the future, including potential joint ventures and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

The meeting was imbued with the spirit of collaboration to advance Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and global best practices. One of the key points discussed was the possibility of pairing dispute resolution training with existing practices to create a more robust system that can serve as a model for other nations.

Mian Sheraz Javaid has been instrumental in communicating and collaborating with international ADR centers. His efforts aim to unite various stakeholders and learn from each other for the advancement of global best practices in dispute resolution. His proactive approach in reaching out to international partners like Parley Parsons is a testament to his commitment to elevating the standards of ADR globally.

The dedication of both Mian Sheraz Javaid and Mohamed Ghofrane Gouja to advancing ADR is commendable. Their expertise and collaborative efforts will undoubtedly continue to drive positive change within Qatar and Pakistan. This meeting was a testament to the potential synergies that await on the horizon as both nations contemplate embarking on this promising journey of cooperation and shared success.

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