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Appearing as Counsel


Sheraz is a partner at MK Consultus LLP, a highly reputed energy, construction and engineering law firm in Pakistan, and is a door tenant in the Business & Property Group at No 5 Barristers Chambers, a top-tier set of Chambers headquartered in Birmingham with offices in London, Bristol, and Leicester, United Kingdom.

In the UK, his work as counsel involves advising on and appearing principally on construction and arbitration related matters in the Technology and Court (TCC). Sheraz regularly appears before the civil courts in United Kingdom and Pakistan, and hold rights of audience in multiple jurisdictions including DIFC and Kazakhstan.

As part of his international practice, Sheraz represents individuals and public and private organisations in court regarding construction, property, banking, possession, and other matters.


Dispute Resolution Advisor

With 20 years of experience as a dispute resolution advisor, Sheraz specializes in construction ADR. He has a deep understanding of the construction industry and the common disputes that arise. He has assisted many clients in resolving their disputes efficiently and effectively, whether through Negotiation, Mediation, International Arbitration, Adjudication, Neutral Evaluation, Expert Determination, or other forms of ADR. His goal is always to find a fair and mutually beneficial resolution for all parties involved.

Sheraz is involved in multiple Dispute Resolution Boards to serve as advisor throughout project lifecycle for large-scale construction projects.

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Appointments as Neutral Third-Party

Sheraz is a seasoned dispute resolution practitioner with a strong track record and a trusted advisor to his clients.

Sheraz is an experienced arbitrator, adjudicator, mediator and expert determiner receiving ad hoc appointments by party agreements and from appointing bodies (ANP or APN).

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Sheraz has garnered considerable global support in his efforts to train and connect his clients with individuals and organization to benefit their business development plans.

He is a specialized trainer with the Approved Faculty List (AFL) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and regularly partners with well-known organizations to provide boutique trainings, seminars and workshops dealing with all contractual aspects of construction contracts, effective contract administration and ADR.

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